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Embrace holistic wellness on your path to parenthood, whether we're working together virtually or in person.

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Compassionate support for individuals or couples navigating the path to parenthood. Whether facing infertility, pregnancy loss, or seeking answers, I provide non-judgmental guidance, a safe space to share, and ongoing support.

Corporate workshops provide invaluable insights into how fertility and loss impact employee well-being and company productivity. Discover the hidden realities, and understand the widespread impact of fertility on the workplace.

In our small group sessions, you'll find a nurturing environment to explore fertility tips, share personal journeys, and engage in open discussions. It's a safe and non-judgmental space to ask questions, foster vulnerability, and address topics that may have been left unspoken. 

"Having the insight of someone who fully understands what that journey is like from her own personal experience made such a difference...

...and meant I didn’t feel so alone during what is undeniably a difficult and sometimes isolating time. Having Zillah’s support when I went through my ectopic pregnancy and subsequent fertility issues meant the world."


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